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Gaye Johnston Writer Website V3 Now Live.

Dear users

The version 3 of the Gaye Johnston Writer website is now up and running, we hope you like the site.

Please note that all news regarding the site will now be posted onto the brixgrog network blog, this is because it makes it easier for us to handle instead of posting news in two places. All user accounts are disabled for now unto further notice.


The Brixgrog Team

The Brixgrog Network Launches!

Brixgrog Studios is proud to present The new Brixgrog Network V2, we have completely reworked the network and more sites are now Brixgrog Network Enabled.

Hello and welcome to the Brixgrog Network.

The Brixgrog Network is a network of sites hosted by us which allow a single sign in the method, so only one account is needed.

The following sites are now enabled.

The Brixgrog network.


Soon to come:

Brixgrog Studios

Brixgrog Forums.

Brixgrog Network Status.

Brixgrog Online Flash Games (Soon to close in 2019 due to the Adobe Flash announcement so we may not migrate it).

Brixgrog Online StoreĀ (Currently under Development and will not be online for some time).

Brixgrog Videos (Currently under Development and will not be online for some time).


Please note we are working around on clocking to bring all sites online.


Brixgrog Admin

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